Exporting Products Across the Border – Avoiding Product Liability and Other Litigation Risks in the United States

Canadian companies exporting products across the border into U.S. markets face significant risks of litigation or regulatory action arising from products sold and distributed in the United States. In a recent article, our colleague Kent Schmidt outlines ideas for managing these risks and creating a litigation risk profile around the four key areas of vulnerability: product liability claims, breach of warranty claims, false advertising and consumer protection claims, and claims related to collection, use, or compromise of consumer data and personal information. The full text of Kent’s article is available at www.dorsey.com/newsresources/publications/articles/2017/05/avoiding-unnecessary-us-litigation.

For a more thorough discussion on how Canadian companies can avoid product-related claims in the United States, we invite you to attend one of Kent’s upcoming in-person Cross-Border Product Liability Seminars being held in Vancouver, BC (May 31), or Calgary, AB (June 1). For more information on the seminar and to register, please visit the event page: www.dorsey.com/newsresources/events/event/2017/05/cross-border-product-liability-seminar.

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