SEC Guidance on Cybersecurity Disclosure and Policies – Recap of Dorsey Webinar Presentation

Earlier this week, a panel of Dorsey attorneys presented a webinar on the SEC’s recent guidance on cybersecurity disclosures and policies, which included a detailed walk-through of the SEC’s 2018 guidance, including issues related to enhanced disclosure, insider trading, and Reg FD policies. The panel also discussed the impact of the SEC’s guidance within the changing landscape of cybersecurity and current developments in shareholder litigation, SEC enforcement actions, and other regulatory and legislative initiatives such as the GDPR. The Equifax data breach is used as a case study to illustrate how the SEC’s guidance might play out in this broader context. The webinar recording and presentation materials are available on our website at

Kimberley R. Anderson

Kimberley helps clients achieve key business goals through securities offerings and acquisitions and guides public companies through corporate governance and disclosure requirements.

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