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SEC Staff Provides Welcome Guidance to Resource Extraction Issuers

As discussed in our January 10, 2024 webinar, new SEC rules require resource extraction issuers that file reports with the SEC to file a Form SD within 270 days after each fiscal year end to report their payments to the U.S. federal government and foreign governments. An issuer’s initial filing deadline in 2024 will therefore depend upon its fiscal year end, with reports from many companies already due, and others’ deadlines fast approaching. For an issuer with a December 31 fiscal year end, the Form SD will be due no later than September 26, 2024. In informal discussions, the SEC’s staff has provided our firm with welcome guidance on a number of related...

Resource Extraction Disclosure Requirements are Dumped

Canadian miners and oil & gas companies should be aware that on February 14, 2017, President Trump approved a joint resolution of Congress that disapproved a recent SEC rule requiring specific disclosure by resource extraction issues. The obligation to report was imposed by Rule 13q-1 under the Exchange Act. The rules would have required resource extraction issuers to disclose payments made to the U.S. federal government or foreign governments, including foreign subnational governments, for the commercial development of oil, natural gas or minerals. See the full discussion from our partner Kimberley Anderson here.