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SEC Provides Guidance on the Use of Metrics in MD&A; Also Proposes Amendments to Simplify and Modernize MD&A and Related Financial Disclosures

On January 30, 2020, the SEC issued new guidance on the use of metrics in a company’s MD&A, as well as proposed amendments that would significantly simplify and modernize the requirements for MD&A and related financial disclosures. The guidance and proposed amendments will be of most interest to companies that file with the SEC on Form 20-F or 10-K. For more details, see governancecomplianceinsider.com/sec-provides-guidance-on-the-use-of-metrics-in-mda-also-proposes-amendments-to-simplify-and-modernize-mda-and-related-financial-disclosures/.

Analysis of the 60 Most Recent SEC Comment Letters Issued to Canadian Form 40-F Filers

Since January 1, 2016, the SEC has publicly released its correspondence relating to 60 comment letters sent to Canadian issuers with respect to annual reports filed on Form 40-F pursuant to the Canada-U.S. Multi-Jurisdictional Disclosure System (MJDS). We have analyzed the content and key takeaways from these letters, including: The SEC’s most common areas of focus; Recent trends; and Common errors to be avoided. Background The MJDS system allows Canadian issuers that satisfy certain market capitalization and other requirements to file an annual report with the SEC on Form 40-F. Except for a few items, a Form 40-F does not impose U.S. disclosure requirements upon a Canadian issuer and, instead, includes and relies...